As we know Kantara ( ”Mystical Forest” )an action thriller written,acted and directed by Rishab Shetty is a village drama based on culture of costal karnataka with a story of Demi-god, tribal land and the king who sacrificed his riches to attain self peace. Produced by Vijay Kirangandur under Hombale Films.The film had to present three timelines: 1890, 1970s and 1990s.

The story is about a Kambala – an buffalo ride Champion who is clashing with a Forest officer in the movie. The movie is about the king and Panjurli Daiva/ Bhoota, the king in 1847 gives some of his forest land to the local tribespeople in exchange for peace and happiness granted by Daiva and in agreement that the family of the Daiva would follow the deity and any attempt to go back on the word will incur the wrath of Panjurli’s companion, the Guliga Daiva. Further in 1970 the kings successor dies trying to claim back the land by going back on kings word and again in 1990 forest office tries to convert the land into reserve forest which is challenged by Shiva the Kambala athlete from Kadubettu.

Kantara is a visual feast and completely shouldered by Rishab Shetty with wonderful acting and a thrilling story line which thoughtful detours around the storyline

However the focus on other characters and depictions fail, not creating a strong impact like the Rishabs character. Somehow the story seems a bit predictable and doesn’t come as a shocker when the landlord’s betrayal or the cops good intentions surface. Its sometimes loud and terrifying when the Demi-god is on the screen and the comedy with friends is a bit boring and many instances of bad language which makes it a bit annoying and the mothers character is a bit nagging and fails to make an impact on audience. The love story has no purpose in the movie but to just check the box.

Overall Kantara is a good Kannada storyline and Rishab’s acting to watch once and we strongly believe that it is totally overhyped up except for the fact that its a original type of village movie with a decent untold story line and a good acting by the lead character, nothing more than this

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