We are not sure where to begin reviewing this film… Let us begin with a boy named Anbu cheziyan (Sivakarthkeyan) attempting to impress a girl by using all of the jokes from stand-up comedy.

Prince is a collection of such jokes,mostly silly and out of context. We strongly feel it’s a collection of jokes fit for a comedy serial or a stand up comedy.

As far as Sivakarthikeyan’s is concerned after his 2 decent successes like don and doctor it’s a risky choice or even worst choice of film at this point in his career. This is the most experimental movie in his career.

The film generated a lot of hype but has disappointed the audience as it fails to keep the audience engrossed, Every area is a disaster, including the comedy,camera, songs, and arts.

We conclude the review with a simple example from the film: to lose the fragrance of the perfumes, we smell the coffee bean. Prince is just a coffee bean, removing all the fragrance from our previous watch.

Though Sivakarthikeyan gave his best and tried to boost a few scenes with his screen presence, the lack of strong emotions and an appealing screenplay weakens the mood of the audience.

Music by Thaman is just okay but is definitely not up to the standards.

To conclude they have tried to make it all laughs and zero logic.

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